01 Macquarie Community College

The Challenge

  • falling enrolments in its lifestyle and leisure program
  • need to significantly grow enrolments in Registered Training Organisation (RTO)
  • reduced investment in marketing, which was heavily print-based with little digital footprint

Refocus marketing activity:

  • outsource marketing, transition from labour costs to deliverables
  • transition weight of budget from print to digital marketing, including paid digital advertising and Search Engine Optimisation
  • implement lead pipeline and sales conversion reporting
  • use electronic direct marketing to existing customers and grow the database significantly
Macquarie Community College
02 Nepean Disability Expo

The Challenge

The Nepean Disability Expo is the largest Disability Expo in Australia, bring together people with a disability with product and service providers, government agencies and advocacy groups. It has been previously run bi-annually by a volunteer steering committee, headed by local service providers, council representatives and government agencies, however the task of managing such a large Expo was no longer viable in its volunteer format. 4community was engaged to lead the marketing and events management of the Nepean Disability Expo in 2014 and 2016.

Refocus marketing activity:

  • execute a diverse marketing strategy, covering all relevant advertising mediums to directly target the disability community
  • use professional marketing approach to attract the major players in the disability sector to exhibit and sponsor the Expo
  • attract a wide range of performances to showcase the talent of those people living with disability
  • attract the support of relevant local, state and federal government, including key advocacy groups and NDIA
Nepean Disability Expo
03 Project Recycle

The Challenge

Project Recycle is a youth engagement program which engages at-risk young people in the community through working with them to rebuild a bike. Project ReCycle builds resilience, self-confidence and problem solving skills in young people and provides meaningful mentor opportunities, leading to lifelong relationships. Project ReCycle needed to increase its reach and capacity to deliver tangible outcomes for youth, and secure funding opportunities.

Results of refocusing marketing activity:

  • Project Recycle has become an identified program opportunity in Western Australia
  • implemented 4 programs targeting at-risk youth in schools and community centres
  • impacted 40 at-risk youth through positive role models and mentoring
  • maintained program attendance rates above 95%
  • established a presence in South Metro Education, Perth WA to connect with at-risk kids within school communities
Project Recycle

The Challenge

RSPCA Queensland desired a more integrated fundraising function and team, and the capacity to better utilise information to leverage its fundraising potential. 

  • fundraising program not utilising RSPCA Queensland marketing and call centre capability
  • duplication of resources and functions within fundraising structure 
  • lack of a fully featured and functional CRM to manage fundraising program
  • fund the development of the new Toowoomba Animal Care Shelter, total cost $12m

Refocus fundraising program:

Addressing team, technology and strategy issues has enabled RSPCA Queensland to make effective use of its resources and grow its fundraising program. 

  • restructured the fundraising program 
  • recruited personnel to key roles 
  • successfully managed Christmas, Summer and Autumn appeals to budget
  • implemented a new CRM on the Salesforce platform, including connection to existing animal and volunteer management system 

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