we believe that with every interaction we have an opportunity to make a positive impact on others.

steps to effecting positive change

review the situation

We sit down and talk. We look at the numbers, discuss your mission and values, identify your strengths and opportunities, acknowledge your weaknesses and threats. By hearing this in your words and seeing what the numbers have to say, we all get a clearer picture of what is needed and how to go about achieving it.

develop a strategic plan

Once we know what we’re dealing with and have a clear purpose in mind, we develop with you a practical, strategic plan that complements and upholds your mission and values. This plan will define the expected objectives and practical steps required to reach them, and determine who is accountable for each step.

implement and manage the change process

We stay with you every step of the way, assessing and monitoring progress, ensuring effectiveness and efficiency, providing tools and skills wherever there are gaps, training staff in new competencies, and negotiating the challenges that come with change. Throughout the process, we review the data and adjust course if need be. Upon completion, we review again, making sure we have reached our goals.

Steps to effecting positive change - Review, Implement, Strategy

we start with a conversation

We want to understand your vision and values in your own words.

"4community start by ensuring they understand our objectives. They then provide a turnkey solution from concept to implementation that enables us to achieve our business goals. They take a genuine interest in our business, extending well beyond the direct projects they are working on."

Gerard Hermens, Owner/Director
Institute of Strategic Management

we conduct a comprehensive review

We want to know where you're at right now, and develop a strategy with you that we all believe will work.

"From the start 4community has taken a genuine interest in our organisation, services and what we want to achieve and has delivered beyond our expectations. They have developed a real understanding of our strengths and culture and complement our team with their services."

Denise Heath, CEO

we focus on outcomes

We make sure that our planning yields real, measurable results, and fill in the blanks where you don't have the expertise.

"After inviting 4community to support our marketing, they have quickly established strong relationships and trust with our staff. Their work is always of a high standard. 4community has adapted flexibly to shifts in our priorities and consistently deliver on their promises."

June Heinrich, CEO
Macquarie Community College

we build a relationship

We'll partner with you and contribute to your success, making sure that your vision is reflected at all levels of your organisation.

"4community are all about building long-term partnerships that strengthen strategy and deliver results. They are not a company that will come in for a 'quick fix', but work with us to develop solutions that will be long lasting and strategic."

Jean Carter, Director Education
Education Department SDA Church

we make you our priority

We make sure you are ready for the challenges ahead, even if those challenges suddenly change.

"I really value 4community's responsiveness. Urgent needs are always addressed with a quick response. I really appreciate the genuine interest the whole team takes in our business. It is clear they care about our business outcomes and don't just view us as another client."

Dilek Alpsuzenler, Principal Executive Officer
National College Australia

we bring our best to the table

Our consultants are thought-leaders in their field, producing outcomes and results that serve both our client's and their stakeholders' best interests.

"Year after year 4community work with us to design and deliver our biannual Expo for the Nepean and Western Sydney region. They have become a highlight for us and invaluable to our clients in showcasing services available to people living with disabilities."

Denise Heath, Chair
Nepean Disability Expo Steering Committee

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