what we do

4community offers a variety of services, largely but not exclusively, to not-for-profit and social enterprise organisations in the health, education, disability, international development and aged care sectors.

We cover services in:

  • Planning and Change Management
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Technology Implementation 
  • Fundraising and Supporter/Donor Development 
  • Organisational Development 
  • Event Management
  • Project Management 
  • Consulting and Coaching 

Our clients are looking for ways to increase their impact, build their capacity and distinguish themselves from the competition in an increasingly competitive landscape.

Our 4community teams help clients step back from the daily grind, review their situation, develop and successfully implement a strategic plan. We walk alongside them, coach them, and find innovative solutions, systems and processes that meet their distinctive needs. We call on our team of designers, creatives and professionals to contribute their expertise wherever it's needed, and develop strong working relationships with other employees and departments within the organisation. Accountability remains high on our agenda as we assist management in making the transition from good to great, using instruments that measure our combined efforts and results. 

review, planning and
change management

An ability to assimilate change and meet new challenges is one of the most important commodities in today’s market.

However, some changes we eagerly seek, while others are thrust upon us. Your situation might require you to incorporate major legislative change, move to more sophisticated operating systems, restructure your organisation to increase efficiencies, or consider new marketing strategies. 

Whatever the case, we understand that it's not always clear cut or easy to implement. We give you the support you need so that you can continue to grow through the transition process.

process in change management

  • review
  • strategic plan
  • implement
  • navigate change
  • evaluate

4community helps you with:

  • review and strategic planning
  • impact measurement
  • understanding your organisation
  • process and change management 
  • business metrics
  • coaching

marketing and

Marketing is complex, but at its centre is a story. It revolves around a central image and message that upholds your values and makes a connection with your audience.

You will find this story in the DNA of your organisation – in the essence of who you are and what you want to become.

However, sometimes it takes a fresh set of eyes to see it clearly. We'll work with you until you can see it also, so that it becomes fundamental to your thinking, your marketing, and your strategic planning.

Our marketing and communications team reviews your current marketing practice and helps you strengthen your story. We help you establish a multi-layer strategy and gather around you the expertise and tools you will need to break into an overcrowded marketplace.

process in marketing and communication

  • review
  • story
  • strategic plan
  • implement

4community helps you with:

  • branding
  • service marketing
  • advertising
  • web development 
  • data analytics
  • digital platforms 
  • public relations 
  • content creation 

creative design

People make their aesthetic judgement of you in less than a second. This is why we design print and electronic marketing materials with the user in mind; with simplicity and familiarity as well as aesthetic appeal. 

We do it by finding the cleverest conventions and creating an end result that is emotive and connects with the target audience. 

At the same time, we creatively shape the visual design; communicating your brand and key messaging through eye-catching images and helpful illustrations, icons and infographics. 

If the goal is to give the target audience a chance to explore and have fun, we break the rules and conventions to develop a more creative, unexpected experience. 

Innovation in design meets purpose plus imagination. 

process of design and development

  • clarify purpose 
  • creative concept
  • storyboard
  • execute design

4community helps you with:

  • branding and identity creation
  • concept design and development
  • print media, social media and digital communications
  • web design and development
  • multimedia, animations, video and eLearning materials


Technology should solve problems, not create them. 

It can increase efficiencies, enhance your relationship with clients, give accessibility through devices, provide vital reporting capabilities, ensure data security and increase your potential and capability for organisational growth. 

4community helps you by: 

Partnering with world leading technology vendors such as Google, Salesforce.com, Egnyte, Promapp to deliver integrated business systems. 

  • selection and design
  • fit for purpose scoping
  • RFP brief and process management
  • project management
  • change management

fundraising and
supporter development

The Australian Charities Report 2014 shows that the largest 10% of Australian charities actually receive 90% of the income generated from the community through donations, bequests, assets and events.

What makes a successful fundraising campaign? They always do two things: 

  1. Provide a unique supporter benefit. This means that they offer a means of self-definition – a way of enabling supporters to demonstrate who they are and what they believe. In this way, they attract new supporters.
  2. Enhance the supporter experience. They provide feedback on their supporters' current contributions and create opportunities for them to deepen their level of engagement. In this way, they maximise the fundraising potential they have already tapped into.

Our fundraising team has a wealth of insight gained at the coalface of successful charities and social enterprises both in Australia and overseas. They are experts in multi-channel fundraising program design and delivery.

developing the fundraising program

  • case for support
  • supporter journey
  • stewardship
  • giving

4community helps you with:

  • become fundraising-ready
  • planning
  • staff training 
  • appeal and campaign execution 
  • reporting and analysis


Australian organisations face unprecedented pressures because they exist in an environment at times characterised by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity.

Developing an organisation to the next level (or building it from the ground up) demands vision, understanding, clarity, agility, and a high level of communication.

We assist you in reviewing your organisational capability and potential. A process that will enable you to revise and reset your core values and beliefs, capture the creativity and knowledge of everyone involved, and develop a strategy that identifies a step by step plan for achieving your purpose.

process in organisational development

  • review
  • strategic plan
  • implement
  • navigate change
  • evaluate

4community helps you with:

  • business process design
  • legals and registration 
  • constitution
  • legislative compliance
  • designing functional structures 
  • change management
  • coaching and mentoring

project and
event management

Projects and events are usually just another job added to your plate. They must be conceptualised and implemented along with all of your usual responsibilities. 

Yet potentially, the benefits to your organisation when a project or event is run with excellence are great!

Combine our capabilities with yours'. We'll bring creative thinking to your plan, merge seamlessly with your team on the details, fill in the skills gaps, and make sure it's a stunning success.

process in project and event management

  • clarify purpose
  • creative concept
  • operational plan 
  • align resources
  • implement

4community helps you with:

  • creative concept development
  • practical, step-by-step plan
  • project and event management
  • marketing and promotion 

training and
skills development

Customers expect your staff to be highly trained and capable of getting the job done correctly the first time. Yet internal and external forces such as the evolving marketplace, organisational restructures and systems upgrades ensure that new skills are always in high demand.

We can help you build the skills and capabilities of new and current staff members. That may include developing eLearning tools, partnering with individuals or whole departments or being your embedded partner to increase their capacity in new processes and key performance areas.

process in training and skills development

  • content development
  • accessible formats
  • implementation of training
  • increased skills
  • improved performance

4community helps you with:

  • staff inductions
  • constituent education
  • e-learning platforms
  • project partnerships 
  • training days

and mentoring

Coaching and confidential mentoring relationships that we develop with executives in significant and senior roles are crucial to organisational efficiency and development. 

When you can call on a relationship that is based on confidentiality and trust, that provides a fresh perspective and extensive real-life experience, you find solutions and ways of getting the best out of yourself and your team.

Our consultants know what it is like to lead in public and private sectors, not-for-profits and businesses. They have developed an impressive repertoire of knowledge and expertise in people management, workplace culture, program design and delivery, monitoring and evaluation. They are skilled listeners and communicators.

process involved in coaching and mentoring

  • understanding and trust
  • shared issues and obstacles
  • workshop ideas and solutions
  • implement plan
  • increased organisational capacity

4community helps you with:

  • leadership coaching, support and mentoring
  • training and skills development
  • staff engagement activities
  • design thinking workshops

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